Customer Comments

Dear Carta Alta
thank you for immediately sending the masks i ordered. i received the package yesterday.
now i'm impatiently looking forward to the venetian carneval in february!
best regards.

Dear Carta Alta,
I wanted to write and thank you for the safe delivery of my package after it arrived earlier on this morning.
Both myself and my girlfriend are delighted with the beautiful quality of the masks and will certainly recommend your services to any of our friends who are looking to buy
Venetian masks in the future.
Many thanks once again.
Regards, Henry

Carta Alta
I received my mask - it is magnifico. The work on the mask is beautiful.
Molto Gracie I will be wearing it at Carnivale on Feb 19 to Feb 23.
Rosemary - U.S.A.

Dear Carta Alta,
Grazi, Grazi, Grazi -- Masks bellisimo!!! Bellaismo!! Beatiful!! Arrived at my house
Thursday -- February 12, Thank you. Chao --

Carta Alta,
The masks arrived yesterday. They are magnificent. We are so happy with them and our customers love them also. We just wanted to tell you how pleased we are--they are beautiful.
Thank you for seeing to it that we received them--we were counting on you.

Dear Carta Alta
Just to let you know that the masks have arrived in perfect conditions.
Once again thank you for your kindness and patience, as soon as I can afford to buy more masks I will not hesitate to contact you again.
Respectfull Regards

Hi Carta Alta!
I received the beautiful masks yesterday - thank you so much! We are wearing them to a Masquerade Ball on Saturday and are sure that they'll be the best there!
Thank you for all your help - you guys are truly amazing at what you do!
Kind regards, Tara